[FoRK] PotS, plural

geege schuman geege4 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 11:24:00 PST 2013


"Until around 250 years ago in the West, archaeological evidence suggests
that most human beings had an edge-to-edge bite, similar to apes. In other
words, our teeth were aligned liked a guillotine, with the top layer
clashing against the bottom layer. Then, quite suddenly, this alignment of
the jaw changed: We developed an overbite, which is still normal today. The
top layer of teeth fits over the bottom layer like a lid on a box.

This change is far too recent for any evolutionary explanation. Rather, it
seems to be a question of usage. An American anthropologist, C. Loring
Brace, put forward the thesis that the overbite results from the way we use
cutlery, from childhood onwards."

(C. Loring BRACE)


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