[FoRK] UI evolution

Joseph S. Barrera III j3 at barrera.org
Sat Feb 16 07:39:51 PST 2013

In the beginning was the command line (to coin a phrase). You typed 
commands and things happened. But the commands different from OS to OS. 
If you didn't know the commands, you were screwed.

Then we had WIMP with menus. If you didn't know what you were doing but 
you knew you wanted to do something with a file, or you wanted to change 
how you were viewing things, you could click on the appropriate menu and 
drill down until you found what you wanted.

I'm going to skip over "ribbons". You're welcome.

Now we are moving to magic swipes, gestures, six-fingered chords and 
movements. It's all very elegant. But the gestures differ from OS to OS. 
If you don't know the gestures, you're screwed.

- Joe

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