[FoRK] Wire new house for CAT6?

Bill Kearney wkearney99 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 21 15:17:03 PST 2013

CAT6 can also be used for HDMI AV distribution.  Some systems require two, 
supposedly the eventual standard will require only one.

We're building a new 5000 sqft house now and I'm pulling four CAT6 to each 
'TV' location, along with two RG6 coax.  Along with a closely situated 
electrical outlet.  Don't forget the client-side hardware power needs... 
There are another two CAT6 pulled to each 'computer' location.  Finally 
there's a single CAT6, along with an in-wall 4-conductor speaker cable, 
pulled to each 'wall control' location.  I'm pulling no phone wire at all, 
there's just one hub for the 5gHz cordless phones and one old-school wall 
phone in the wiring closet.

No fiber.  Other than to provide network to something like an outbuilding 
(which we don't have) there's little sense in bothering with it for a 

Don't forget to pull CAT6 and provide power to locations likely to house 
wireless routers and such.  The basement and 1st floor all have a shelf high 
in a closet set up for the purpose.  We'll start with the access point in 
the basement and see how the coverage spreads.

Meanwhile there's also a basement-to-attic stack of three 2" conduits with a 
pull box on each floor.  Two will house the existing CAT6 & coax, the 
third's a spare.   That and there's another two from the attic down to the 
electrical panel for future PV solar (should I ever find an installer that 
doesn't seem like a shyster...)

We have a 400A service, cripes it's HUGE pair of panels.

Yes, comfort height elongated toilets are great.  Had them for about a 
decade now.  Kohler makes some decent ones at more reasonable prices than 

Already have extra gas to the bedroom fireplace (if/when budget allows) and 
to the fireplace for when the wife get's sick of hauling wood into the 
'real' fireplace.  That and have a 240v line pulled for the dryer, even 
though the current one is gas.

That and think *seriously* about your expected use-patterns in the space. 
Put in N-way switches to avoid having to traipse across rooms for lights. 
Get your head around how you'll actually use the space on a daily basis. 
Drive all the little annoyances out of the design as early as possible.

And, do not, do not, do NOT get into making dramatic changes once 
construction begins.

Assume the trades will make all manner of stupid choices in the field.  Beat 
up your GC to correct them.  God only knows what possesses plumbers and 
electricians to be so fucking stupid about how they run their stuff.  But 
they WILL make a mess of a perfectly good design unless you stay on top of 
the work in progress.  Your GC "should" be doing this, but you'll have to do 
it too.  Just work the chain of command through your GC, don't try to deal 
with the trades directly.  Respect the chain of command, and DOCUMENT it.

With luck we'll be in the new place this June.


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On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 09:57:51AM -0600, Russell Turpin wrote:
> Or is it just a waste of money, since every device these days supports
> wireless, and many (phone, iPad, etc.) don't support CAT6 anyway?

If the drywall isn't on yet, YES.  Cat6 cable can be repurposed for anything
from USB to remote speakers to alarm wiring.  Add unterminated fiber, too.

I just finished a "house repair" class series.  Basically, if the drywall
isn't up yet, stuff in anything you think you might possibly fancy, because
it is *much* cheaper now than later.

I assume you're aware of other new-house stuff regarding things like
builder-grade vs. quality-grade, getting the biggest electrical panel you
can, running extra gas and 220V lines and such.

> Still planning on cable drops for TV. I wonder how quickly that will
> seem obsolete.

How about...now? :)

Oh, and speaking of crap-torrents :) get an ADA-height elongated-bowl
toilet.  Your knees and your aged relatives may thank you.
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