[FoRK] Pelican Imaging

Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Mon Feb 25 07:22:45 PST 2013

They completely screwed up the iphone5 focus algorithm the last 3 
upgrades.  Sometimes no picture is better than a crappy, unfocussed 
iphone5 picture.

Gawd, I hope they fix it soon.  That and a lot of other ios4 bugs that 
seem to keep creeping into every new release.


On 2/25/2013 6:18 AM, Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:
> Hey, I was uppity about those stupid disc cameras at the time. I'm a
> very uppity person. So are my parents, of course. All of our treasured
> family pictures are on 35mm or medium format.
> - Joe
> On 2/25/2013 5:56 AM, Bill Kearney wrote:
>>> ON THE OTHER HAND, I do see that the rest of the world uses their
>>> tragically under-performing cell phone cameras for ALL their
>>> pictures. It's so sad.
>> VS no pictures?  Some of our treasured family pictures were made with
>> rather inferior choices of their day.  Land cameras anyone? Or those
>> wretched disc abominations?
>> So it's hard to defend getting all uppity about the quality of the
>> photography when it's the content of the picture that usually holds
>> greater value.

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