[FoRK] what tech will your kids never use?

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon Feb 25 10:36:56 PST 2013

What??  Screw that, launch!  Are they actually restricted by law where you are?  They have already been restricted for a long time 
to be essentially harmless in nearly every scenario.

I was able to do a bit of that with the kids on the field that became the new high school in Ashburn, VA.

I know in LA, West LA?, somewhere near the municipal golf course, people were flying remote controlled model jets.  Like really 
fast, really loud.  As in guided missiles.  Although obviously a bit of an investment, far more dangerous than a model rocket.  And fun.

But really, the model rockets of today are quadrotors, especially the semi-autonomous ones.  And they're now FAA legal if you keep 
them in sight.  So, if your neighbors don't like your model rockets, you can spy on them, legally, all you want.  If you stay above 
1000 ft., they definitely can't say anything.  You can fly a Cessna that low.  For a drone, 500 ft. should be good, but I'd have to 
consult the current regs and announcements.  For a real plane, it is 500 ft. above sparse, unpopulated areas and 1000 ft. above 
crowded populated areas and buildings.

I visited these guys in San Diego not long ago and took some great pictures of their place.  I referred the CTO of Qualcomm to them 
also when I had lunch with him at UpLinq, although I don't know if anything became of that.  Hopefully my suggestion about 
replaceable 3D printable landing pads helped the hard landing breakage issue.



On 2/25/13 9:29 AM, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> Model rockets.  My kids will never use them due to solid state engine restrictions and idiots calling the police and DHS anytime 
> you launch one noawadays, but they were an essential part of my childhood that I wish I could pass on to my kids.
> How are they ever going to earn their model rocketry merit badge?
> Greg
> On 2/25/2013 9:12 AM, Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:
>> How about wristwatches? At least the expensive mechanical type.
>> On 2/25/2013 8:20 AM, Dave Long wrote:
>>> How about vestigial tech?

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