[FoRK] Hot Trend: Tapping the Power of Cold to Lose Weight, Brown Fat and Thermal Dieting

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sun Mar 3 09:13:11 PST 2013

On 3/3/13 4:36 AM, Kelley Howell wrote:
> Two resources for this sort of stuff.
> Lyle McDonald's stuff for bullshit detection in diet fads: www.bodyrecomposition.com. He has a new book out on stubborn fat 
> loss for athletes and covers the recent research on BAT - brown adipose tissue.

I am definitely a "stubborn fat loss for athletes" case.  I virtually never gain or lose weight.  I haven't fluctuated more than 
10 lbs. in over 10 years.
Others I observe can magically transform in no time.

On the other hand, I have handily increased my cardio efficiency and strength.  Bike riding is a bit of a problem now because I 
can only stress my cardio now on inclines, 6-7% incline on one of my routes.

Going for a steep hike now.

> Alex Hutchinson's, _Which Comes First, Cardio or Weights?_ busts a lot of persistent myths with fairly good coverage of the 
> research.
> If I remember correctly, there's a very slight advantage to cold where you burn only slightly more calories. And it's worth it 
> to drink very cold water if you're counting on every last calorie burn. Lyle works with people who're trying to get down to 
> insanely low body fat levels so even <100 calories can count for a lot with them.

While exercising vigorously, which I've read in the past outputs up to 20x more heat than when sedentary, mild cold probably has 
a mild effect most of the time.

> On a related note, it's also worth reading a couple of books about the complete lack of science undergirding most of the 
> claims about what counts as a healthy body weight. The best is written by a guy who runs an exercise science lab at University 
> of Virginia. Can't think of the title offhand but I'll look it up if anyone's interested.

There was just a study that the most healthy body weight, in terms of life expectancy, is probably heavier than the "ideal" body 
weights listed.  I think this is definitely true for middle age, not that I don't want to be lighter again for running 
efficiency.  From what I've observed and read about, it is definitely better to have some reserves if and when you are seriously 
sick.  A temporary malfunction in digestion or other major stress can be ridden out better if you have plenty of distributed 
internal nourishment and energy reserves.


As is pointed out, it is much better to be aerobically in shape than to be thin.

It's better if you are stranded on a desert island also.  ;-)  Or suddenly have to travel 100 miles on foot.  Zombie apocalypse 
and all that.  I'm just sayin...

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