[FoRK] Blue Stacks: Android and Android Apps may save the Surface Pro, doom RT

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sun Mar 3 19:02:02 PST 2013

I looked at Blue Stacks a while ago.  Clever, fairly straightforward port of Andoid to Windows and MacOSX plus some interesting 
integration features.  Classic example of the benefits of Android being open source.  If the app has no NDK (native) code or it 
includes an x86 version of that code (Android now supports ARM v5e, ARM v7a, x86, and MIPS in the same .apk), then it should 
run. Interestingly, GPU shader code should work.  For a lot of graphics cases, GPU shader programs are a good alternative to 
native code.

Kind of funny that Blue Stacks is now considered by many to be the savior of the Microsoft Surface Pro since it will allow a lot 
(but not all) Android apps to run.  It is maybe one of the final nails for the RT since that's not x86 and Blue Stacks won't run 
there. Now, it probably could be ported to RT...

Anyway, it's not an emulator, it's a port.  The only emulationy thing about it is running on another operating system rather 
than real hardware, but that's just a difference in device drivers for the most part.  The OS is running directly and the Dalvik 
VM is doing JIT directly for x86.



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