[FoRK] Obama wins? Deficit now cut by $4 trillion

Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Mon Mar 4 06:15:30 PST 2013

Why did it pass?

I looked at my dog-eared copy of the Politician's Field Manual: 
Knowledge mining, playing, making, pivoting, framing, revisionism, lies, 
damn lies, and statistics.  Right there in the manual.


On 3/3/2013 8:22 PM, Stephen Williams wrote:
> President Obama "had to" sign the sequestration cuts into law last
> night.  I can hear it from here: "Oh please don't make me do it!" "If
> you don't like any part of this, blame the GOP."
> So, Obama wanted and promised $4T reduction over 10 years, everyone said
> it couldn't be done, and now he's done it, barely into his second term.
> Were the GOP (and some Dems too maybe) just gamed?  He has plausible
> deniability for painful cuts with Dems and pulled off major cuts in
> defense etc.  Managed not to cut anything for Medicare, Medicaid, and
> Social Security.  Obamacare is still in place.  Game over?
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