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Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Wed Apr 10 10:25:40 PDT 2013

Part fact, part fancy.

Super-efficient ion thrusters will probably power all types of flying (and driving?) vehicles.  All we need are unlimited 
hand-held, cool, megavolt sources.

At some point, we may discover the secret of gravity and gravity waves which could lead to all types of propulsion and weapons / 
defenses.  But this may not be necessary.

Electromagnetic Tractor / Repulser beams:
Generate shaped, targeted electromagnetic waves / beams in a syncopated fashion:
The first burst wave gradually builds and is longer, but low powered to reorient target molecule polarity, similar to an NMR.
The second snap wave is shorter, sharply defined, opposite, and much more intense to repulse or attract the targeted molecules.
Alternate rapidly at appropriate frequencies.  Generates movement with a characteristic vibration.
Use laser ranging to fine tune frequencies and wave shape.

A less intense form of this, using NMR like sensing, is used for scanning.
Based on molecular composition, a blend of waves should be used in combination to pull or push all matter equally.

Pushing / pulling different types of matter violently in opposite directions creates a matter disruptor.

Tightly control magnetic shells, beaming accelerated particles between the shells or even overlapping raceways within the 
shells. Send electrons initially, immediately escalating to heavy ions when flow is disrupted.  Use the same system to guide 
ions directionally for thrust, possibly simultaneously.

Matter transport:


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