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Still going through email archives.

Doesn't the following sound like a great idea?

<nettime> was a blast to read. Lots of Liberal Arts folks talking about 
doing wacky things with computers.

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At present the rapidly expanding Semantic Web analyzes digital
information in order to distinguish valuable content from digital trash.
As well modern day search engines give more and more precise results of
searched information yet how far will this artificial intelligence go?
Will we eventually be able to leave it to machines to perform automated
tasks such as creating images or writing texts?

For example digital information that is delivered via email increases
daily if not hourly which in turn takes more and more time to answer and
sort. The email answering machine provides a solution for this as it
will write the answer emails using material available online.

Mailia analyzes emails coming to ones mailbox and simply replies to
them. Forget automated standard 'Out of Office' replies, Mailia is as
intelligent as software like Eliza and as flexible as open source
products. The email answering machine works in the following way: it
grabs an incoming message, analyzes it, sends requests to the Google
search engine, then picks up given results, sorts them, and outputs the
information into an email form which is sent back to the sender. If
answers are publicly saved, search engines will index the answers again
and utilize these as output for other similar replies. Ironic as this
statement may seem - 'Why not let the machines live their own lives'.

Mailia is free software released under the GNU General Public License.

-- mi_ga. Tue,  21 Mar 2006

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