[FoRK] Raspberry Pi + Qt5 + OpenGL = awesome

Joseph S. Barrera III joe at barrera.org
Thu Apr 11 22:59:25 PDT 2013

On 4/11/2013 9:58 PM, Stephen D. Williams wrote:

 > Modern C++11, with STL, and/or Qt, is actually nice.

That may be true. I'm looking forward to C++11. It may take a year or so 
before we shift to it. A lot of SLAC is still using RHEL 5 and the 
compilers that come with it (gcc 4.1 IIRC)

Modern C++ may be a bit like modern PHP... something usable. I've been 
spared from having to deal with PHP < 5. But I'm still scarred from 
dealing with C++ with its initial implementation of STL, where you had 
to be *very* careful about how you used STL auto_ptr<> and in particular 
could not use it for STL containers. Or is it the other way around?

C++ with boost in 2013 has been less painful than C++ with STL in 1999 
or whatever. But still. I still have the feeling with C++ that if I look 
sideways at something, or use the wrong combination of whatever, the 
whole thing will come crashing down on me. The principle of worst surprise.

- Joe

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