[FoRK] Raspberry Pi + Qt5 + OpenGL = awesome

Joseph S. Barrera III joe at barrera.org
Thu Apr 11 23:10:53 PDT 2013

On 4/11/2013 10:01 PM, Stephen D. Williams wrote:

 > Since a lot of the interesting machine learning is done with 
Matlab/Octave now, I'm trying to imagine that much Lisp doing similar 
 > I know about the early stuff, Mycin etc.  But there is a big gray goo 
period that I'm glad I skipped over, or rather skimmed through, jumping 
to the recent good parts.

This is a big area of ignorance for me.

Most of what I know of Matlab is:

1. We keep trying to get the scientists at SLAC/LCLS to use (free) 
Python/scipy/matplotlib/etc... instead of Matlab but they won't.
2. We have tried getting the scientists to use Octave instead of Matlab 
but like no way.
3. I think my son uses Octave at UC Davis as a Matlab replacement with 
workable results. (He's subscribed to this list but I don't know how 
much he reads it.)

I'd love to know what is so compelling about Matlab that so many 
scientists won't switch over to (what to me is the dead-easy to use) 
Python + tools.

I don't actually know how I ended up here. I started off as a kernel 
hacker, writing drivers and other interrupt-savy code, including 
assembly when needed. Now I'm like 14 levels of abstraction above that. 
Hell, I'm even writing web stuff now, which (deep down) just doesn't 
seem nearly as hard core as writing device drivers. What a long strange 
trip it's been. If I'm still programming at 65, I'll probably just 
actually be advising robots how to improve the UIs they write and how to 
write more human-readable code. Er, robot-readable.

- Joe

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