[FoRK] Buttercoin - Open Source High-Performance Bitcoin Exchange Project (self.Bitcoin)

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Sat Apr 13 02:15:06 PDT 2013

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Buttercoin - Open Source High-Performance Bitcoin Exchange Project

submitted 15 hours ago* by enki23

Hey guys,

I'm a computer security and distributed systems guy. I've did audits and
trainings at many large banks and lotteries and also built complicated stuff
like a quantum cryptography engine and a p2p file sync engine. I also worked
at TradeHill for 3 months in 2011. You can learn more about me here

You may also know me from a Bitcoin article I wrote two years ago that's
popular on Quora:

I'm really annoyed at the exchange software quality and yesterday
spontaneously tweeted that I'd start working on an open-source
high-performance highly-secure exchange engine and asked if anyone wants to
join me in my San Francisco apartment.

Seven people showed up, including a Stanford professor, someone who built an
ISP, someone who previously built a payment system and an angel investor.
They all were tremendous help in nailing down the core architecture. Later
today another friend will come by who is an expert in B-tree filesystem
design, which will help with getting the data structures right.

I'm doing some explorative coding at http://github.com/buttercoin/buttercoin
and note-taking at http://buttercoin.hackpad.com/ but it's really just a
rough outline right now.

Basically I want to build something similar to the LMAX architecture
(http://martinfowler.com/articles/lmax.html), in node.js and put it under an
MIT license. If this worked it should allow us to process enormous amounts of
transaction, or even do things that help distribute exchange more.

Let me know if any of you are interested in joining a hipchat or hackpad and
discussing the design, or contributing on github.

I can't promise this will succeed - before yesterday I had no plans or
ambition to write an exchange, but I really want Bitcoin to succeed and I
don't think it can without a quality opensource exchange package.

You can email me at enki at bbq.io or if you want to motivate me send donations
to 1McqPj92jvWfFg5F24dwyDSUptjTosH2EY (i will donate any funds received to
the bitcoin foundation should I not succeed at building buttercoin).

Any thoughts? I'd love to hear it!

Ok IRC here: irc.freenode.net #buttercoin subreddit: r/buttercoin leave your
email on http://buttercoin.launchrock.com if you want to help out - we might
ask for help via email later

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