[FoRK] Human-engineered open thermodynamic systems spontaneously evolve nontrivial ‘intelligent’ behavior under thermodynamic pressure

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Thu Apr 18 18:40:36 PDT 2013

Make it work, and then we'll talk.

> /“to understand intelligence as a physical phenomenon and to make the first demonstration of the principle in electronic and 
> chemical systems,”/ according to the Defense Department’s original solicitation.
> Erwin says that four years later, a team of scientists led by University of California, Los Angeles Chemistry Professor James 
> K. Gimzewski is just “/inches away from the finish line”/ in terms of reaching their goal.

> /“What sets this new device apart from any others is that it has nano-scale interconnected wires that perform billions of 
> connections like a human brain, and is capable of remembering information, Gimzewski said. Each connection is a synthetic 
> synapse. A synapse is what allows a neuron to pass an electric or chemical signal to another cell. Because its structure is so 
> complex, most artificial intelligence projects so far have been unable to replicate it.”/
> According to DARPA, /“The objective of the implementation domain is to demonstrate the first human-engineered open 
> thermodynamic systems that spontaneously evolve nontrivial ‘intelligent’ behavior under thermodynamic pressure from their 
> environment.”/


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