[FoRK] Schadenfauxde

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Fri Apr 19 10:24:41 PDT 2013

KTVU Channel 2, the local Bay Area Fox affiliate, is simply 100% simulcasting CNN.  There's got to be a story there.

Fox entertainment and Faux News need to split up.  Then the local stations can just affiliate with CNN for national news.

On 4/18/13 5:59 PM, Stephen Williams wrote:
> Fair and balanced:
>> Standing at the epicenter of the network—and any new Republican Party groundswell—is Ailes. A former political operative of 
>> President Richard Nixon, Ailes has inextricably intertwined his professional and political pursuits since founding Fox News 
>> in 1996. Indeed, the network chief functions as a kind of proxy kingmaker within the party, frequently meeting with 
>> Republican politicians to offer strategic advice.
> ...
> The devil's bargain that Ailes struck between his network and his politics seventeen years ago, however, looks unlikely to 
> change within the foreseeable future. Fox News remains an all-too-comfortable gilded cage for Republicans—one that showcases 
> the party but also shelters it from the slings and arrows of honest intellectual debate. One can rigidly confine an ideology 
> for only so long, however, before its beliefs begin to ossify and its policies atrophy. It's an ironic twist: the more the 
> network enables conservative ideas to stray from the mainstream, the less appealing the network's conservative coverage 
> becomes. And after years of deeming their codependent relationship an unalloyed good, it's time Fox News and the Republican 
> Party face cold reality. For both to enjoy long-term future success, each must recognize that the other isn't its salvation; 
> instead, they're both part of the problem.
> Reed Richardson most recently wrote about what political advertising means for democracy.


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