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Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon May 6 20:52:34 PDT 2013

I had speed reading for a quarter in 7th grade using an old clacky 
modified projector.  I maxed it out at 1000 wpm with passable 
comprehension.  One of the very few technology items available in the 
outback of Ohio.

I started fairly fast since I'd been reading everything, but it may have 
made some difference in focusing on and measuring speed.

Hmm, is there a pattern here?  Who else had speed reading of some kind?

It is debatable whether justified text is more readable than ragged 
right left justified text.  In particular, uneven inter-word spacing can 
confuse end-of-sentence sensing, although usually that is stretched in a 
proportional way.  Mildly justified, wide columns probably do enhance up 
to a point.  Giving each line more flavor in visual feel by changing up 
the otherwise monotonous inter-word spacing might enhance recognition 
and definitely helps with line tracking (not accidentally jumping to the 
next line in the middle of a scan).


On 5/6/13 8:33 PM, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> That's actually a good point.  I had speed reading in 4th grade (we 
> were the very first experimental class to try to formalize it into 
> general school curriculae {cirriculum?}).  Basically, right and left 
> justified text is far easier to speed read where you try to train 
> yourself to "see" a whole line at a time, multiple instances of 
> intra-sentence and ending-sentence spaces included.
> On 5/6/2013 8:26 PM, Stephen Williams wrote:
>> I realized that I wasn't clear about the central issue: I find reading
>> easier and faster when I have twice the inter-word space at the end of a
>> sentence.  I read a lot, as quickly as I can.  As you all likely know,
>> proficient readers move their eyes few times per sentence, sensing
>> multiple words at once.  This is partly controlled by how quickly you
>> can understand context, the sentence, and the words themselves. I feel
>> that I make extra eye movements to find and verify periods, which are
>> often very tiny, when I don't also have sentence spacing markers.
>> Delineating the beginning and end of a sentence is a big part of groking
>> (or gorking) it properly.  Those who see no value in the wide marking
>> space must be word-by-word readers or somehow similarly insensitive to
>> taking big bites of text at 1000 wpm.
>> Whether the source text has two spaces or not is an encoding issue.  The
>> resulting rendered text must have more than single inter-word spacing to
>> be read efficiently.  Whether this is 1.5x or 2x or more is up for
>> debate, but it must be different.
>> Stephen

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