[FoRK] outsourcing back end

Joseph S. Barrera III joe at barrera.org
Tue May 7 23:12:39 PDT 2013

E.g. Firebase charges $1/GB/month. Amazon S3 charges $0.10/GB/month at 1 
TB/month. So once you get to 1 TB then you look at switching from 
Firebase to S3.

On 5/7/2013 11:08 PM, Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:
> Seems like Firebase is a cloud service (like AWS, etc) plus a lot of 
> clever glue code that makes it easy to get/put data in the back end 
> easily. So it seems like you have to figure out what you are paying 
> for... replicating the glue code is a fixed cost. Firebase will 
> presumably charge you a premium per byte or byte/sec. So maybe start 
> with Firebase and prepare to transition to your own glue code + 
> vanilla cloud if/when you scale large enough.
> - Joe
> On 5/7/2013 11:00 PM, Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:
>> On 5/7/2013 1:49 PM, Lucas Gonze wrote:
>> > For example, Backbone on the front, static resources on Heroku, 
>> dynamic
>> > backend resources on Parse.com or Firebase.
>> I'm playing with Firebase now. It's interesting to view the big glob 
>> of javascript they use to implement themselves. So far it looks 
>> interesting.
>> - Joe
>> P.S. the demo just rickrolled me. kind of.
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