[FoRK] Multicore, async segmented sequential models

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Thu May 9 18:56:39 PDT 2013

No way: All technology older than 10 years has to be retired completely 
in favor of new solutions. Anything that doesn't have at least biennial 
updates is deprecated.

SQL has a few good concepts, but pretty much all implementations mimic 
the major mistakes made in implementing the model, such as fixed format 

And Knights of the Circular Queue can vote to veto any sufficiently 
broken technology (in the past, ODBC) to force a rewrite of broken 
technology that becomes firmly entrenched.


On 5/9/13 4:43 PM, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> Nah, a good eforceable ToS with a rock solid indemnification clause 
> against every thing including emotional distress oughta work.
> Greg
> On 5/9/2013 4:37 PM, Damien Morton wrote:
>> Probably ask people to post a bond for each new language, database,
>> framework - and the bond is forfeit if the lang/db/framework gets 
>> downvoted
>> to some level.
>> On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 3:03 PM, Joseph S. Barrera III 
>> <joe at barrera.org>wrote:
>>> On 5/9/2013 11:35 AM, Ken Meltsner wrote:
>>>> Yes, it would be nice, but real experience appears to be more valuable
>>> than
>>>> software these days since people often give away the latter.
>>> "At one point a joke made the rounds among the physics community that
>>> discoverers of new particles should no longer be given the Nobel prize;
>>> they should be heavily fined instead."
>>> (http://www.vectorsite.net/**tpqm_15.html<http://www.vectorsite.net/tpqm_15.html> 
>>> )
>>> I think we need to start fining people for developing new languages,
>>> databases, frameworks, etc. Especially when they suck.
>>> - Joe

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