[FoRK] HireRight -- employment background checks -- be prepared to give your ENTIRE work history

Joseph S. Barrera III joe at barrera.org
Tue May 14 10:05:38 PDT 2013

I* have accepted an offer at a Company who happens to use HireRight for 
employment background checks.

I had the pleasure of filling their webforms with my ENTIRE work 
history.  There is no cutoff date.  They want it all.

(Well, actually, I stopped at post-graduate school.  Hopefully they 
don't care about the jobs I did while in undergrad, or about the horse 
stable I worked at in high school.)

They also want start/end dates to the month.  Thank goodness I have all 
my email going back to September 1582.

They also phone numbers for all these companies.  It's actually sad how 
many of the companies I've worked for no longer exist... hopefully not 
my fault!

They also want salaries for all these positions?  How am I supposed to 
remember how much I was making in 1992?  The IRS only wants to you keep 
~ 7 years of tax returns.  But I need 20+ years of records for an 
employment background check?

I'm just hoping they don't mix me up with some random Joe Barrera in 
Texas convicted of car theft (or worse, this guy: 
Evidently HireRight is VERY sloppy about verifying that criminal records 
actually apply to potential employees with similar names.

I really am a bit bothered about the verification of salaries.  If all 
companies use such a process, then they don't need to pay you what 
you're worth -- they can conspire to pay you just a bit more (or less!) 
than you were payed in your previous job.  This can lock in existing 
pay-discrimination practices for entire groups of people.

- Joe

* I say "I" but that's just a one-letter shorthand for "a close friend 
of mine".

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