[FoRK] HireRight -- employment background checks -- be prepared to give your ENTIRE work history

Damien Morton dmorton at bitfurnace.com
Tue May 14 11:11:47 PDT 2013

When I was working for a large bank in London, they had me fill out a
similar form, that wanted the address and phone number of every primary and
secondary school I went to. They also wanted me to account for any time i
spent travelling, i.e. not in employment, and wanted statements from my
accountant to cover that time (presumably so they could know i wasn't in
jail or something). I had already been working for these guys for 2 years
in New York, so it seemed a bit late to do a security screening.

Go only knows what happens to all these details. Its a bit like the arrival
cards you fill in when travelling internationally - I wish they would
standardise them internationally so I could get a bunch pre-printed.

On Tue, May 14, 2013 at 1:05 PM, Joseph S. Barrera III <joe at barrera.org>wrote:

> I* have accepted an offer at a Company who happens to use HireRight for
> employment background checks.
> I had the pleasure of filling their webforms with my ENTIRE work history.
>  There is no cutoff date.  They want it all.
> (Well, actually, I stopped at post-graduate school.  Hopefully they don't
> care about the jobs I did while in undergrad, or about the horse stable I
> worked at in high school.)
> They also want start/end dates to the month.  Thank goodness I have all my
> email going back to September 1582.
> They also phone numbers for all these companies.  It's actually sad how
> many of the companies I've worked for no longer exist... hopefully not my
> fault!
> They also want salaries for all these positions?  How am I supposed to
> remember how much I was making in 1992?  The IRS only wants to you keep ~ 7
> years of tax returns.  But I need 20+ years of records for an employment
> background check?
> I'm just hoping they don't mix me up with some random Joe Barrera in Texas
> convicted of car theft (or worse, this guy: http://www.sorarchives.com/**
> citydirectory/TX/Irving/Joe_**Barrera_1215957<http://www.sorarchives.com/citydirectory/TX/Irving/Joe_Barrera_1215957>).
> Evidently HireRight is VERY sloppy about verifying that criminal records
> actually apply to potential employees with similar names.
> I really am a bit bothered about the verification of salaries.  If all
> companies use such a process, then they don't need to pay you what you're
> worth -- they can conspire to pay you just a bit more (or less!) than you
> were payed in your previous job.  This can lock in existing
> pay-discrimination practices for entire groups of people.
> - Joe
> * I say "I" but that's just a one-letter shorthand for "a close friend of
> mine".
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