[FoRK] HireRight -- employment background checks -- be prepared to give your ENTIRE work history

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Tue May 14 13:46:02 PDT 2013

On 5/14/13 1:16 PM, Owen Byrne wrote:
> On Tue, May 14, 2013 at 10:05 AM, Joseph S. Barrera III <joe at barrera.org>wrote:
>> I* have accepted an offer at a Company who happens to use HireRight for
>> employment background checks.
>> I had the pleasure of filling their webforms with my ENTIRE work history.
>>   There is no cutoff date.  They want it all.

They can have fun with mine.  I could tie them up for hours with nuances 
and details and overlap and technicalities.

Government clearance paperwork requires a lot of detail like this plus 
travel plus family members plus legal history.  I was faced with this 
conundrum at some point:

Was a stepfather born in the _country_ of Hawaii in the 1940's born in 
the USA or foreign born?

>> (Well, actually, I stopped at post-graduate school.  Hopefully they don't
>> care about the jobs I did while in undergrad, or about the horse stable I
>> worked at in high school.)
>> They also want start/end dates to the month.  Thank goodness I have all my
>> email going back to September 1582.

I have most of it on my resume so that I have some place that I can 
remind myself of the details.

>> They also phone numbers for all these companies.  It's actually sad how
>> many of the companies I've worked for no longer exist... hopefully not my
>> fault!
>> They also want salaries for all these positions?  How am I supposed to
>> remember how much I was making in 1992?  The IRS only wants to you keep ~ 7
>> years of tax returns.  But I need 20+ years of records for an employment
>> background check?

Yearly social security statements should have your actual salary for 
each year.

>> I'm just hoping they don't mix me up with some random Joe Barrera in Texas
>> convicted of car theft (or worse, this guy: http://www.sorarchives.com/**
>> citydirectory/TX/Irving/Joe_**Barrera_1215957<http://www.sorarchives.com/citydirectory/TX/Irving/Joe_Barrera_1215957>).
>> Evidently HireRight is VERY sloppy about verifying that criminal records
>> actually apply to potential employees with similar names.

My name is so common that there are many collisions.  Even with the same 
middle initial.  A government investigator once asked my ex-wife in Ohio 
if I was part of a motorcycle gang.

>> I really am a bit bothered about the verification of salaries.  If all
>> companies use such a process, then they don't need to pay you what you're
>> worth -- they can conspire to pay you just a bit more (or less!) than you
>> were payed in your previous job.  This can lock in existing
>> pay-discrimination practices for entire groups of people.

That's sticky.  Unless you've been consulting recently.  There are a 
variety of ways to negotiate this, including "We need to both be happy 
for this to be a long relationship."

>> - Joe
>> * I say "I" but that's just a one-letter shorthand for "a close friend of
>> mine".
> I just recently did this, and its useful to check the box (available to CA
> residents, among others) that requires them to send you a copy of the
> result of the background check. In my case they failed to verify a few
> items, probably because no one answered the phone. My impression is that
> its a half-assed requirement that corporate legal imposes on corporate HR,
> which imposes it on the hiring manager, and everyone does the minimum
> necessary to comply.
> Also you can probably negotiate salary before the background check.
> Owen


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