[FoRK] today

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Fri May 31 00:43:57 PDT 2013

On 5/30/13 6:01 PM, Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:
> On 5/30/2013 10:14 AM, Stephen Williams wrote:
> > The Bay Area FoRKers should be getting together periodically already...  But we (or at least I) don't.
> It would be easier if all the few remaining non-Google Bay Area FoRKers would just join Google. That way we could all just meet in 
> the cafeteria or something.
> To that end, I've decided to join Google, starting on Monday.

Awesome!  Congratulations!

Maybe some day when I'm no longer considered too old and too arrogant I'll end up there.

In the mean time, I'm busy hiring people they haven't hired yet. And fulfilling a dozen other roles.  I interviewed a guy who is 
deaf today.  That was interesting.  15 years ago, I worked with a guy who was nearly blind.  I was introduced to computers by a guy 
in about 1980 who was a blind programmer for IBM mainframes.  I have no idea how he accomplished that back then.

We're open to contractors now too for the next few months.

> - Joe 


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