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Oskar Kolberg was an etnographer, folklorist and composer, living in 19th 


The Oscars is annually awarded prizes by some motion pictures academy.

"Ludowy Oskar" (Folk Oskar) is annually awarded prize for most interesting 
folk events/initiatives. There is also "Kolberg Prize", awarded by Polish 
Ministry of Culture and few cultural organisations.

Both "oscar" and "oskar" words are now trademarked in Poland (guess by 
who), although I couldn't find since when. "Folk Oskar" is being awarded 
since 2002.

Obviously, "Folk Oskar" has nothing to do with "movie Oscar". I wouldn't 
care much about same name being used, but some other people cared and sued 
Stowarzyszenie Tworcow Ludowych (Association of Folk Artists) for this. 
They argue that "Folk O" parasites on fame and prestige of "movie O". 
Well. About "prestige", I wouldn't bet. About fame, I'd say it is going to 
be much more famed, since I wrote about it - and I wouldn't had I been not 
pissed off by greed of some SOB bunch.

As a side note, it needs to be mentioned - one's strength can be easily 
recognized by strength of one's enemies. I have long considered US-made 
films harder and harder to watch (with some notable exceptions). Now, here 
is even better, less subjective proof that US film industry is sinking.

Tomasz Rola

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