[FoRK] exactly how much privacy should we have?

Bill Humphries whump at mac.com
Sat Jun 15 19:10:54 PDT 2013

On Jun 15, 2013, at 5:21 PM, Noon Silk <noonslists at gmail.com> wrote:

> but do we agree that watching nothing is also
> wrong?

The problem about "how much surveillance" we should tolerate is complicated by private surveillance. 

We can require it take an act of congress and a note from my mother to allow the government access to communications, but that does not prevent private parties from trying to monitor our movements, intents, conversations and activities. Government surveillance is a 4th amendment matter, private surveillance is, as far as I can tell, a different body of law.

And the other problem is that even if we make it more difficult for the government to listen in on us, does it prevent them from buying traces of our activities from third parties.

Any reforms to the matter have to address both problems. 

And, for what it's worth, Lauren Weinstein's getting increasingly panicked in his email list posts, because, I think, it's dawning on him that people who don't want Big Brother watching everything they do may not go for Google doing the same, even if you get a free email account with it.

-- whump

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