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Mon Jun 17 02:15:19 PDT 2013

> [...]
> This is 2013. Total fossil and nuclear peak is 2020.
> If you look at R&D budget, it's not there. If you
> look at deployed and planned deployed capacity, it's
> not there.

So it's 31-Dec-2019 ..; the clock ticks over ... what happens?

> I'm afraid we screwed this one up.
> What is left to do is a managed regression scenario.
> If you don't do that, you'll get an unmanaged regression,
> where the global complex system can produce a series
> of concerted collapses, instead of controlled unravelling
> to an increasingly more resilient state until the decline
> is arrested.
> On the positive side, we'll get rid of the obesity epidemic.
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