[FoRK] Dr. Ron Paul and his pitch concerning the new National ID system.

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Mon Jun 17 05:57:22 PDT 2013

>From an email sent to me by Dr. Ron Paul (I already recognize it is a plea
from the right-wing so please don't flame.).  Corroborates the recent
Guardian article stating that the U.S. Government is now viewing it's
citizens as the enemy and they need to prevent their uprising:

"The vote on the new National ID system may take place as soon as NEXT WEEK.

Already, Barack Obama's snoop-state insiders at the NSA have a massive
database full of BILLIONS of emails, phone records, and Internet usage of
American citizens.

Imagine all of that information being tied to a tamper-proof, National ID
Card with biometric tracking technology that EVERY American is required to
own and carry.

It sounds like something out of George Orwell's 1984.

But without your IMMEDIATE action, I'm afraid this Orwellian nightmare
will be a harsh reality for every man, woman, and child in America.

The battle over a National ID Card set to occur in the U.S. Senate next
week is one of the most critical fights we've faced in years.

The outcome of this fight could determine whether America turns back
toward Liberty - or continues down a slide toward full-scale tyranny.

Based on the recent revelations that Barack Obama's National Security
Agency (NSA) has been snooping through the emails and phone records of
millions of Americans each and every day, I'm convinced a National ID Card
is the statists' crown jewel.

You see, the NSA has been gathering audio, video, email, photographic, and
Internet search usage of Americans who use major providers such as
Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Yahoo.

Their ultimate goal is an America where federal bureaucrats can track our
every move.

And the biometric tracking technology contained within the over 800-page
"Immigration Reform" monstrosity would allow them to do just that. "

See attached video:


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