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Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Thu Jun 20 10:09:46 PDT 2013

Or plurals with apostrophes. Thanks for the ammo, Ken!

I have this hobby--stupid really--trolling grammar police. :-)


On 6/20/2013 9:54 AM, Ken Meltsner wrote:
> Yes, especially if the sentence would be clumsy or unclear if you rewrote
> it to avoid the terminal preposition.
> My wife (a professional tech/copy editor) explained to me that several
> grammatical rules are simply wrong, being extrapolations of Latin grammar
> to English instead of regularizing popular usage.  In practice, you should
> probably avoid doing this if only not to troll poorly-educated grammar
> police.
> This category includes the famous "don't split infinitives" rule, by the
> way.
> Ken Meltsner
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