[FoRK] Server Sky - Internet and computation in orbit

Gary Stock gstock at nexcerpt.com
Fri Jun 21 06:40:06 PDT 2013

Why the hell didn't they just go ahead and call it SkyNet?

Whenever I see the phrase "phased array," I'm reminded of an anecdote 
told me by a DOD Intelligence officer, in the early 80s.  One of USSR's 
early attempts at "over the horizon" missile monitoring was a massive 
truncated pyramid of phased array RADAR.

The first time the Soviets switched on the entire assembly, across 
several hundred yards of adjacent plains, the grass burst into flames.

Ever since, I've presumed that the most powerful energy weapons will be, 
at their heart, phased array... something or other.  If the plan is to 
paint Earth's surface with "tens of thousands of thinsats" -- with their 
own power -- why not just pop in some offensive capabilities, and an 
alternate targeting system?  Think of the savings:  2.0 projects for the 
price of 1.1.

Again: why the hell didn't they just go ahead and call it SkyNet?


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On 6/21/13 6:32 AM, Eugen Leitl wrote:
> Server Sky thinsats are ultralight films of glass that convert sunlight into
> computation and communications. Powered by solar cells, propelled and steered
> by light pressure, networked and located by microwaves, and cooled by
> radiation into deep space. Arrays of tens of thousands of thinsats act as
> highly redundant computation and database servers, as well as phased array
> antennas to reach thousands of transceivers on the ground.

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