[FoRK] poor man's PAN

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sun Jun 23 14:13:13 PDT 2013

On 6/21/13 10:47 AM, Tom Higgins wrote:
> I have lots of devices...I have kids who have lots of devices....I have
> devices that have lots of devices.,....and rather than moving  TMBG's Here
> Comes Science to every device I simply point every device to the one device
> that holds the bits that make up TMBG's Here Comes Science (which if you
> have not purchased yet you really should...I mean really... and play it
> loudly in your kids class when the creationist parents show up...oh the fun)
> And yes, I could  use it as a proxy box and an interweb. In fact i ave a
> few pages set up to make getting at some of the books a bit easier. I have
> also had a copy of Project Gutenberg (which , as I had to explain to a
> parent recently, has nothing to do with the actor Steve) on one set up and
> the  offline version of Khan Academy on another (just in case our local
> school board decided to cut us off for some unknown reason...they did
> not...in fact they love what we did last school year with the real deal).

Sounds like you should post a distribution or at least a build list and instructions...
We could start cranking these out, placing them strategically, etc.

> But all that was on the little TPLink... On the RasPI I have been working
> up I also have included a squid proxy, tor, a few services (ssh, mpd, etc)
> and so on and so forth. The Pi is the damndest sweetspot device that I have
> played with in a long long time...I look back on my chumby dabblings  as if
> it was the girl friend before the one who played D&D.. I mean so damn
> sweet.
> -tom(and by D&D I mean.....pre 3.5. Sure 4ed is all that but srsly
> folks....thac0 thac0 thac0)


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