[FoRK] Non-speech, non-keyboard direct communications will create a new class of humans

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sun Jun 23 17:12:03 PDT 2013

Technical people and techno-savvy consumers already communicate differently than non-technical people, but it is somewhat 
What happens when one or more methods of fast, accurate, digital friendly communications channels are easily used in an 
always-there fashion?
What are the social consequences of a certain subset invisibly communicating, a la telepathy, with each other and others not 
present?  What if this communications happens at speeds not constrained by the mechanics of speech, typing, and drawing?  How 
many multiples of 1x comm modes will we reach?

Many of us think, at least at times, much faster than we can communicate.  At the moment, we can only leverage and communicate 
stored information in external ways.  We could probably communicate several times faster, plus boost that with shorthand and 
keyword-like inclusion of packets of existing knowledge.  Given a much better visualization and representation method, we should 
be able to communicate a lot of information quickly in an absorbable way.

As soon as we can communicate quietly and probably secretly, we can more easily and quickly leverage large stores of internal 
and external information.  And what will be the rules about running and following an AI representation of a knowledge base to 
help with decision making or to supply relevant "unbiased" information?  Your grandfather's wisdom?  Your party leader's?  CEO? 

Hard to argue against this being good overall, but I suspect a lot of angst and confusion.  Things like tests will require 
special handling.


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