[FoRK] Fwd: Huge supply of Osborne computers and parts in Orange, CA

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Wow. That's a lot of Osbornes. And software and spare parts.

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I was contacted by Gary Berg about selling his late fathers Osborne computer systems and parts.

His father was a local Osborne computer repair guy in Orange County, CA, but not employed by Osborne.
During his time, he acquired hundreds of spare parts, and bought even more when Osborne went out of business.

Because of this, he has lots of parts, some brand new, never used.

This includes floppy drives, motherboards, keyboards, software, manuals, magazines, and even entire computers in the box, never opened.
Almost entirely Osborne 01 and 01a related. Some Executive parts.

I can go back and look at stuff, but it is 30 miles away.
Most will eventually go on eBay, unless you get there first. Yes, they will ship.

Download pictures here (19 pictures, 4MB in total)


Contact Gary directly if interested in some or all -  garyvwguy at hotmail.com

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