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Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Mon Jun 24 07:12:01 PDT 2013

Lol...or auto sense when people are texting.

But you guys are ignoring the obvious.  We *already* have mass consumer 
cars that drive themselves by taking over from the driver.   Crash 
avoidance software in detecting a forward or backward crash situation 
will take over from the driver.  It comes as a feature on several car 
maker models.

So my guess is 2011, but I guess you meant without a steering wheel and 
for time periods greater than 1s.


On 6/23/2013 4:55 PM, Stephen Williams wrote:
> The high-end is definitely a sweet spot in the market, as Tesla has
> shown.  The flip side is that it could become a luxury to be able to
> drive yourself in public since when automated driving is much safer,
> only the well off will be able to afford to indulge self-driving car
> insurance.
> One way to solve many failure cases would be to use redundant,
> low-latency IP connectivity to support remote monitoring and, when
> necessary, remote driving a la drone pilots of vehicles.  Whenever a
> failure case is detected, the vehicle should make a safe stop until
> someone is able to take control.
> While having a driver at the wheel ready to take over is a good bridge
> strategy, it gets much more interesting to assume that there is no
> licensed driver available.  That allows transport of children and others
> in a much more efficient way.
> It could make learning to drive and early licensed driving interesting:
> Fail too much and the car takes over and drives you home to the parents
> for retraining.  The next step is automated driver training...  Perhaps
> even to higher levels than now.
>> - Joe
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