[FoRK] Your prediction, please

Russell Turpin russell.turpin at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 20:34:09 PDT 2013

On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 12:30 PM, Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> wrote:
> Insurance companies have deep pocket lobby efforts, so unless they can get
> a method to extend their protection racket to DroneCars I bet we see push
> back. ...

Yes, but.... Exposure will be less. I suspect it quickly will become
apparent that the damage from fully-automated cars is orders of
magnitude less than the damage from human-driven cars. Here's another
question: How long between a) the first commercial availability of
fully-automated vehicles, and b) a city banning human drivers within
an urban core, except for police and emergency responders?

> You might also want to factor in the stance of the red blooded car
> worshiping 'Merican  (not 'meriCANT...no sir) who will push back on this
> meme from several jerky scented fronts.....Dont want no guvermunt folks
> driving my car for me....

You're missing the natural market: parents. "You mean I can get my
kids a car that drives them to school, play dates, soccer, swim
lessons, math tutoring, band, allergy shots, and my brother's, even
when I have a scheduling conflict?" Car worshiping 'Merican parents
will be all over that like sugar ants on grape jelly.

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