[FoRK] just had an AltaVista moment with Google

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Wed Jun 26 04:27:48 PDT 2013

Remember when AltaVista started to go to shit, and it
was like a breath of fresh air first using that new-fangled 
Google thing?

No doubt you've noticed that usability has been going
down across many Google products in the last years,
but there it definitely has started sliding down a 
steady steepening slope recently. Few talk about it,
but everybody notices. 

I tried DuckDuckGo, but couldn't get myself to like it.

Now, I tested startpage.com (aka ixquick), and while
it's actually Google underneath, I'm sold. It's my default
search engine now.

It would be so easy for Google to strip down all
the irritating barnacle crap and offer a complete 
shiny clean barebones as an option for these who 
need it. But they won't do it. The head no longer
knows it has feet.

In related news, CM 10.1 is out since today, and it's 
good. All we need is a Debian-style community-run .apk 
depository, and I can ditch the original as well.

Now if Mozilla could pull its head out of its arse
again, and released a 64 bit Firefox for Windows 
(Waterfox trails way too much there) I could get 
rid of Chrome, or Chromium. I regularly kill any OS
on Chrome/Chromium, but I'm too much addicted to tabs
to kick the habit.

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