[FoRK] Constant Churn

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Thu Jun 27 21:15:54 PDT 2013

Mobile carriers are even stupider in Japan than in the US about products.

> The scattershot efforts by Japanese handset designers could not 
> compete with a single blockbuster productApple's iPhone, Kushida said. 
> It turned out that Japanese consumers didn't want a new phone each 
> season after all, he said, but one very well-designed one.
> Since its release in 2008, the iPhone has been a best-seller in Japan, 
> becoming the most popular handset here. In 2012, the iPhone 
> ledhandsets with an overall 15 per cent of market share, ahead of 
> former market leaders Sharp and Fujitsu, according to data provider 
> IDC Japan.
> Looking at smartphones only, Apple's dominance in Japan is even 
> stronger: For the first three months of 2013, Apple's mobile platform 
> market share came to 49.2 per cent, compared with Android's 45.8 per 
> cent, according to Kantar WorldPanel, which tracks mobile phone sales 
> in major markets.
> Sony's Xperia Z, which runs on the Android operating system, was 
> shaping up to be Japan's greatest challenger to the iPhone and to 
> another global blockbuster, Samsung's Galaxy series. The Xperia Z won 
> rave reviews for its sleek aluminum case, sharp 5-inch display, 
> fast-capture camera and high-definition video.
> The Xperia Z has topped salests, selling at least 630,000 units in 
> Japan in its first 10 weeks, according to the data provider, GfK 
> Japan. DoCoMo had said that it aimed to sell about 1 million units in 
> Japan, and analysts agree that sales here are approaching that number. 
> Sony's chief executive, Kazuo Hirai, has repeatedly promoted the 
> Xperia Z's strong sales in Japan as one of the few bright spots in its 
> money-losing electronics sector.
> Still, production of the Xperia Z has ceased for the Japanese market, 
> and the model will no longer be available in Japan once stock runs out 
> at retail stores across the country, both Sony and NTT DoCoMo said.

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