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Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Fri Jun 28 17:59:46 PDT 2013

Cool, sounds much easier than expected: The sharpness of the electric 
field gradient determines the effectiveness of solar wind deflection.  
Funny that it took an anomaly on the moon's surface to try this.


On 4/10/13 10:25 AM, Stephen Williams wrote:
> Part fact, part fancy.
> Super-efficient ion thrusters will probably power all types of flying 
> (and driving?) vehicles.  All we need are unlimited hand-held, cool, 
> megavolt sources.
> http://elecp-media.com/portal/wts/cgmcfMaU2Dmbbgj8-ceuwu6crguyBea
> At some point, we may discover the secret of gravity and gravity waves 
> which could lead to all types of propulsion and weapons / defenses.  
> But this may not be necessary.
> Electromagnetic Tractor / Repulser beams:
> Generate shaped, targeted electromagnetic waves / beams in a 
> syncopated fashion:
> The first burst wave gradually builds and is longer, but low powered 
> to reorient target molecule polarity, similar to an NMR.
> The second snap wave is shorter, sharply defined, opposite, and much 
> more intense to repulse or attract the targeted molecules.
> Alternate rapidly at appropriate frequencies.  Generates movement with 
> a characteristic vibration.
> Use laser ranging to fine tune frequencies and wave shape.
> A less intense form of this, using NMR like sensing, is used for 
> scanning.
> Based on molecular composition, a blend of waves should be used in 
> combination to pull or push all matter equally.
> Pushing / pulling different types of matter violently in opposite 
> directions creates a matter disruptor.
> Shields:
Sounds a little like this:
> Tightly control magnetic shells, beaming accelerated particles between 
> the shells or even overlapping raceways within the shells. Send 
> electrons initially, immediately escalating to heavy ions when flow is 
> disrupted.  Use the same system to guide ions directionally for 
> thrust, possibly simultaneously.
> Matter transport:
> Fugetaboutit.
> sdw

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