[FoRK] Ultracrepidarians R Us

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sat Jun 29 23:16:01 PDT 2013

Or is it?  Shall I speak only of myself?

While sometimes we may gorgonize the wallflowers, or discuss our harmartias, and especially our infandous thoughts, perhaps 
sometimes we successfully engage in a a little montivagant neogenesis.  Is there ever a good recumbentibus, or are we simply 
scripturient? Well, whistfully we write wonderful welter.  Our yonderly xenization frequently leads to zugzwang, which leads to 
... tarantism? Probably at least a bit of enantiodromia.  And sometimes a flash of dactylion or jettatura.  But such are the 
wages of fanfaronade. However, free of both leptosomes and any interest in ktenology or biblioclasm, or public talk of 
pogonotrophy or acersecomics, we toy at straw qwockerwodgers with abandon.

What's that?  Not intuitively obvious to a casual observer on a bad day?  Let me refer you to illustration, included by reference:


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