[FoRK] GPG/PGP for MS-Outlook - Suspicious absence of options

Frank Bergman (fraber) fraber at fraber.de
Mon Jul 1 08:29:51 PDT 2013


Did you ever try to install PGP/GPG on Windows Outlook?
There are only very limited options (see below). I'm 
not a big fan of conspiracy theories, but I can't 
imagine that there is no market for that, particularly 
given the ease of creating an Outlook plug-in that 
communicates with GPG...

Here is what I found:

- PGP got bought by Symantec, they don't release the
  source code anymore (NSA backdoor), and the purchasing
  page is currently broken on their Web site
  (Symantec Internal Error Page! An Internal Exception 
  has occurred. Please contact Administrator.)
- GPG exists, but is very GNU (GNU's Not User-friendly)
- There are several Outlook plug-ins, but none of 
  them worked for me. At least you can say they
  don't receive a lot of attention:
	- G-Data (abandoned since 2009)
	- gpg4win.de (German only, hangs with my Outlook)
	- GPGol (buggy, didn't work for me)

This mess contrasts with the relative ease of developing 
Outlook plug-ins. I believe there is a great opportunity 
to develop a software free for private use software that 
would require a license for professional use. Maybe the 
developers could make key management a bit easier by 
providing "half secure" features or "default scenarios" 
(like Ruby - convention over configuration) like 
automatically importing keys from friends or similar. 
Sure, that's not 100.000% secure, but 99.999% is better
than sending out unencrypted stuff...

I'll be happy to help with writing the business plan 
and with experience running low-budget start-ups :-)

PR expenses will be close to zero in the current
environment of public outrage in Europe and other parts
of the world, where even mass-media would write about
any reasonable product. And marketing could be completely 
viral if the system sends out mails with a viral footer 
inviting the receiver to download and install the system.


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