[FoRK] The Oil Drum is shuttering, any help with setting up a successor site?

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Wed Jul 3 09:32:19 PDT 2013


An End to Eight Years of The Oil Drum

Posted by Rembrandt on July 3, 2013 - 11:47am

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Dear Readers of The Oil Drum,

A few weeks ago the ISEOF board (The Institute for Energy and Our Future that
facilitates The Oil Drum), Euan, Super G, JoulesBurn, and Myself, met to
discuss the future of The Oil Drum. A discussion we have had several times in
the last year, due to scarcity of new content caused by a dwindling number of
contributors. Despite our best efforts to fill this gap we have not been able
to significantly improve the flow of high quality articles.

Because of this and the high expense of running the site, the board has
unanimously decided that the best course of action is to convert the site to
a static archive of previously published material as of 31st July 2013. We
will continue to post articles up to this date. Afterwards any articles will
be held as a public archive into the foreseeable future, so that others can
continue to learn from the breadth and depth of knowledge published by our
many authors, over the 8+ history of this remarkable volunteer effort.

We sincerely thank everyone who has been part of the TOD community - authors,
staff and especially commenter's and readers - for contributing to the
success of the site. It is unusual for a site which is based primarily on
volunteer effort to continue this long.

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