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I saw Doug Englebart talk once.  It was either at the WWW/4/5 or at the 
WWW6 conference in 1997 in Santa Clara. Incidentally that was the same 
conference where Bob Metcalfe promised to eat his words next time or 
actually did.

Englebart was invited to give the mother of all demos.  He had an 
interactive slide that let you hyperlink between all the research 
subjects in his life and let him talk about them.  It kind of looked 
like Prezi.  After covering a good amount of subjects, he asked how much 
time he had, clearly tired of talking and running out of material. 
Rather than tell him, the organizers kept telling him to take as much 
time as he wanted.  After about the 3rd time of covering more and more 
and hearing the same answer, he finally said he was going to stop there. 
  He was a great speaker, but I learned that all great speakers know 
their audience, know their material, and know their time limit.  The 
open ended time threw him for a loop.


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> forward to discussing your thoughts as I am a bit fuzzy at present.
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