[FoRK] Microsoft acronym help needed

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sun Jul 7 12:31:09 PDT 2013

On 7/7/13 12:01 PM, Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:
> On 7/7/2013 11:31 AM, Stephen Williams wrote:
>> If you are spending time on Microsoft "technology", you clearly are not serious...
>> I'm all for alternate approaches, but if you are trying to compete with an ecosystem that works well and is evolving with 
>> ever-increasing momentum, you need to answer it with something that attempts to be better, not just prettier. 
> ??? To whom are you preaching?

Just grousing because, when I had much better things to do, I spent way too long getting a Qt build working on a Windows Jenkins 
server Friday because I was too stubborn to get my Windows VM properly set up again and I couldn't log into it directly.
Then I determined what was missing on MacOSX before going back to determine why WinMain wasn't being found.

When I pointed out that someone should check errors in the build .bat file (!) so that it stops at the error, they objected 
since checking errors would make it 3x longer.  Which is why, I pointed out that I had already pointed out, that they should 
have used make since make checks the status of every command run and stops on errors...

Qt5 is cool, and they've gone native with CMake which is nice.  But there is some subtle difference between two of our projects 
that on Windows means the one needs explicit library targets to get WinMain the other does not.  Whatever.

To avoid spending time helping people learn enough Linux/Android to set up a dev environment on the Ubuntu side, I'm going to 
dash out a script that does everything with a one-line wget/bash command.  I find it odd that people think that it is OK to 
document 20 steps on a Wiki page that they expect people to do manually when it could all go in a script.  And that other 
(Windows-centric developer) people seem uncomfortable looking at a shell script or Makefile to see what's going on when they 
need to.

Cygwin needs to be updated to make Windows more livable; it has fallen behind a lot now.

> Are you afraid I'm going to deploy Windows 3.0 somewhere?
Hah, you'd have to find an RLL or MFM hard drive somewhere.  Or an emulator that would work.
I have floppies with Win3.1 on them somewhere.  And CP/M (8 and 16).


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