[FoRK] Microsoft acronym help needed

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sun Jul 7 13:58:46 PDT 2013

Hey, have to refresh those memories because we're sure they will be interesting to our great-grandchildren some day.
"In our day, we had to use _cables_ to connect things!"


On 7/7/13 1:46 PM, geege schuman wrote:
> I don't know what either of you are talking about but conflatulence should
> be a word.
> On Jul 7, 2013 4:35 PM, "Stephen Williams" <sdw at lig.net> wrote:
>> On 7/7/13 1:15 PM, Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:
>>> On 7/7/2013 12:31 PM, Stephen Williams wrote:
>>>> When I pointed out that someone should check errors in the build .bat
>>> file (!) so that it stops at the error, they objected since checking errors
>>> would make it 3x longer.  Which is why, I pointed out that I had already
>>> pointed out, that they should have used make since make checks the status
>>> of every command run and stops on errors...
>>> Wow. That's pretty terrible on several levels.
>>>>> Are you afraid I'm going to deploy Windows 3.0 somewhere?
>>>> Hah, you'd have to find an RLL or MFM hard drive somewhere.
>>> Oh, I'm sure that's not true. Windows 3.0 (or really DOS of that era, DOS
>>> 3.1) ran on PS/2 computers using IDE and SCSI.
>> Yep, PATA was designed in 1986 and some shipped in Compaq PCs in 1986, but
>> it wasn't standardized until 1994.
>> ST-506 and ESDI hard drives were still around for a while.
>> Maybe I'm conflating Win3.1 with DOS 3.1.  Win3.0 was cooperative
>> multitasking (and multicrashing) only, so I place it in the old-DOS mental
>> bucket.
>> Win 3.0 came out in 1990 and 3.1 in 1992 according to Wikipedia.
>> SCSI was rare for a long time in PCs, although I used it as early as I
>> could.  Full-height 5.25" drives were usually SCSI.
>>> - Joe
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