[FoRK] ridiculous project

Sean Conner sean at conman.org
Mon Jul 8 01:33:11 PDT 2013

It was thus said that the Great Joseph S. Barrera III once stated:
> In retrospect, the 8080 was a really impressive piece of technology. 
> It's fun to imagine how the software world would have evolved if the 
> hardware world was stuck at the 8080. For one thing, we would have been 
> doing massive parallelism much sooner. MapReduce would be second nature. 
> And of course counterfactuals are always tricky, but if in our 8080 
> world we were still able to reduce feature size, we could have blocks of 
> silicon with thousands of 8080s with networking on the same piece of 
> silicon. I guess this is kind of the Transputer vision?

  I personally prefer the Motorola 6809 (if I had to use an 8-bit CPU). 
Nice design---two 8-bit accumulators (that can act as a 16-bit accumulator),
four 16-bit index registers (all can be used interchangibly, except that one
also acts as the stack pointer) and the ability to write position
independant code.  It's a shame it was never as popular as the 6502, 8080 or

  -spc (It could also derefenrece a pointer in memory in one instruction!)

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