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What we're seeing in Der Spiegel, The Guardian, Washington Post and
other select publications is the birth of new threat models - not just
for activists but for all of civil society, parliamentarians, companies
and more. This is a threat model that "many have known" and yet at the
same time, there is clearly new stuff. For one - we're seeing
confirmations of things that have been denied in public - we're also
learning the names of things, which now made public, may be FOIA'ed by
name as well as pushing for disclosures. This is where we'll see if
America will shine - when the information comes out, will we be able to
use our democratic process to turn this disaster around? I'd like to
think so - that is why I worked on these pieces - hope is not lost.
Though hope alone is not a strategy.

I think this may be of interest to people on the list:




For non-German speakers I suggest the following English links:





My interview with Snowden is available as a leaked pdf on cryptome in


The English original will be released this week.

Last week's article is also very important:


This is also probably of great interest to people on the list:




Welcome to the Grim Meathook Future, Citizens! Lets turn this ship around!

All the best,
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