[FoRK] The guild of fat smelly infrastructure programmers (fun with stereotypes)

Joseph S. Barrera III joe at barrera.org
Thu Aug 29 10:00:55 PDT 2013


"It’s funny, but it got me thinking. Who are the 'fat guys who know 
C++', or as someone else put it, 'the guys with neckbeards, who keep 
Google’s servers running'? And why is it that if you encounter one, it's 
like pulling on a thread, and they all seem to know each other?"

It's always fun finding yet another list of stereotypes that one vaguely 
resembles. Last week it was the hot new category "introverts".

Oh, and for an article chock-full of stereotypes:


"Put people of widely different ages together, and there are bound to be 
differences. Baby boomers, for example, are workaholics, while Gen Xers 
demand more work-life balance. Millennials are masters of technology and 
have high, high expectations."

Damn, I wish I were a millennial and a "master of technology". Instead, 
all this newfangled stuff, with the phones with no buttons, and the 
computers with no keyboards, just confuses and angers me.

But it's a great idea, promoting understanding by teaching stereotypes. 
Image if we did this with race 50 years ago? "Asians, for example, are 
workaholics, while..."

- Joe

P.S. NO I do NOT have a neck beard. I don't even really have a beard. 
It's just stubble that sometimes gets a little long.

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