[FoRK] Why do political and economic leaders deny Peak Oil and Climate Change?

Dr. Ernest Prabhakar drernie at radicalcentrism.org
Fri Sep 6 09:22:53 PDT 2013

On Sep 6, 2013, at 7:05 AM, Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org> wrote:
> I think it’s for exactly the same reasons you don’t hear them talking about
> preparing for Peak Oil.

Wasn't Peak Oil predicted for 2009?

At any rate, we only need to make it until 2040, when the world's population will flatten out, and we'll be much more reliant on bits than atoms.

Given what's happening with natural gas and tracking, that doesn't seem so unlikely.  To be sure, the environmental cost of getting there may be high, but there doesn't seem to be much reason for doubt that we'll find *some* way to bridge the gap.

-- Ernie P.

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