[FoRK] Why do political and economic leaders deny Peak Oil and Climate Change? (Eugen Leitl)

Randall Webmail rvh40 at insightbb.com
Sat Sep 7 15:47:21 PDT 2013

From: Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org>

>> Given what's happening with natural gas and tracking, that doesn't seem so unlikely.  

>Looking at recent data, the fracking era is already over, barely after it began.

Are you aware of the fact that hydraulic fracking has been nigh-ubiquitous for at least forty years?

This is an area in which I have personal knowledge.

Oil is produced from wells by drilling into sand, lime or shale strata which contain oil.

Sand pays are fracked with high-pressure water and lime is fracked with high-pressure acid.  I don't know anything about producing from shale, other than what everybody knows - that fluid is pumped in to crack the shale and increase the surface area from which the oil can bleed into the hole from which it is pumped.

("Tar Sands" oil, AKA bitumen, is lifted by means of in-situ liquefaction and extraction, such as THAI-CAPRI).

EVERY oil well is fracked or it is plugged, unless it produces oil faster than it can be hauled away.

Fracking recently has had a lot of publicity, but it is not a new technology.  (Vertical drilling IS relatively new, but that's neither here nor there.)

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