[FoRK] [fonc] Software Crisis (was Re: Final STEP progress report abandoned?)

Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Mon Sep 9 06:07:28 PDT 2013

That's what "Lean" startups are all about, though I'll probably get shot 
for criticizing the single most popular software management technique on 
the planet.  It's like Agile, it's a technique that's great when 
properly applied, but many wield it like a magic hammer without truly 
understanding when it's applicable and when it's not.


On 9/9/2013 2:45 AM, Eugen Leitl wrote:
> Maybe the kids are getting dumber, but what I see when I look around is
> smart kids being pushed to ship before the bits are ready, and not being
> *allowed* to fix "low-value" bugs which gradually accumulate until a system
> is deep-sixed for being painful to work on. In other words, I don't believe
> there's a software crisis or any real shortage of programming talent (I
> know plenty of great programmers who regularly go without work, often
> because they're unimpressed with the offers they're seeing.) I think it's
> not a software crisis, I think it's a *management* crisis.
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