[FoRK] Snowden sets OPSEC record straight

Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Fri Oct 18 06:12:23 PDT 2013

I'm guessing the NSA uses hedge words as they realize how easy it is to 
suborn even the most clearly thoughtful, morally reasoning, and 
conscientious thinking person.

His self-declaration that he "left the files behind" as a 
talisman/safeguard is a fairly ridiculous red-herring.  I'm pretty sure 
Hong Kong has an Interweb thingy.


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> it doesn't get much more definitive than this retort.. :
> """
> [Snowden] felt confident that he had kept the documents secure from
> Chinese spies, and that the N.S.A. knew he had done so. His last
> target while working as an agency contractor was China, he said,
> adding that he had had “access to every target, every active
> operation” mounted by the N.S.A. against the Chinese. “Full lists of
> them,” he said.
> “If that was compromised,” he went on, “N.S.A. would have set the
> table on fire from slamming it so many times in denouncing the damage
> it had caused. Yet N.S.A. has not offered a single example of damage
> from the leaks. They haven’t said boo about it except ‘we think,’
> ‘maybe,’ ‘have to assume’ from anonymous and former officials. Not
> ‘China is going dark.’ Not ‘the Chinese military has shut us out.’ ”
> """
> there is a clear thoughtfulness, moral reasoning, and
> conscientiousness repeatedly demonstrated by Snowden in these events.
> it is now obvious that history will exonerate him fully.
> ... the distance between current reactionary retribution and that
> future absolution appears to be a bit of a distance, however...
> hopefully not too long.

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