[FoRK] Seagate Kinetic

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Fri Oct 25 04:56:38 PDT 2013

(caveat, enough marketese to give you brain cancer)


Some of it is way overdue -- I'd never understood why no Ethernet
RJ45 on drives at least since FastEthernet, and in fact there were L2
disks (proprietary, and AoE) which never went anywhere. These
days, with PoE this would even make sense for SOHO, and kill many
wall warts.

Secondly, these days I do mostly zfs all-in-one, and can expect
multiple GByte/s flow, SSD or HDD hybrids, integrity, scrubbing,
snapshots, remote backup as part and parcel of a modern fs
like zfs.

I expect to chuck out SATA/SAS and go to PCIe with direct
memory mapping (no more block device) in the near future.
Real novolatile memory (not NOR) flash, stacked in the somewhat
farther future. 

So what is this thing giving us? It doesn't use a real fs inside
the device, so that I get an NFS export. It looks pretty much
like old L2 Ether, except with key-value store. I can have
that in my all-in-one no problem.

What do they say?

- Managing key (object) ordering

I don't see what this is for. Ok, if you've got hybrid memory
you could store index on flash, and data on spinning rust.

- Quality of service

Looks relevant if you've got thousands of spindles and
a really busy network.

- Policy-based drive-to-drive data migration

Ok, so you can detect damage and flush out stored blobs
to a new device before swapping it out.

- Handling of partial device failures and other management

So this is a bit like zfs

- Data-at-rest security  

Same thing, sounds like scrubbing.

Do you see anything interesting for you in there? 

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